The no-code required guide to securing a lucrative Product Management career after business school.

I got into a Top 10 Business School for less than $300, and you can too — whether you’re applying for an MMS degree or another graduate business program!

Join me as I “study abroad” in the Tech World from the comfort of my couch. They say you can’t learn a language in 100 days… but it isn’t their career at stake.

Will I ride off into the sunset with a full-time career in Tech? Or, has my career vanished along with your vacation plans?

How Did I End Up Here?

On March 29, 2020, my MBA internship at Delta Air Lines was canceled due to the impact of COVID-19.

How ‘Laemmle’s Folly’ became a world-class theme park that changed the industry forever.

One of the original “ Glamour Trams” exploring the Western Sets of the backlot. [Security Pacific National Bank Collection at Los Angeles Public Library]

A story of how I got into a Top 10 MBA Program for less than $300 (And You Can Too!)

How you too can plan a trip to the newest park in the Disney Empire for less $$$ than a Walt Disney World Vacation.

Shanghai Disneyland’s centerpiece is the Enchanted Storybook Castle, a 197-foot castle that is the largest in any Disney theme park.

Travel deep into the jungles of Disneyland’s original Adventureland to seek out the origins of everyone’s favorite punny skippers, ambushes, and piranhas.

The Jungle Cruise as it looked opening day at Disneyland on July 17, 1955. (OC Register)

Austin Carroll

Hello! My name is Austin & I am a product manager, career coach, and podcast host.

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